Ryan Reynolds is an actor who needs no introduction, in fact as I type this his latest film Deadpool has already broken the box-office record for an R-Rated film, it’s also the highest grossing film of 2016 so far with almost $300 million in earnings at the time of writing (February 16, 2016). What you may not know about Reynolds is that he’s an avid motorcyclist, and that he spends just as much time reading sites like , , and as the rest of us.

Kott Moto is an LA-based custom motorcycle garage with a history of producing some of the most functional and timeless builds we’ve seen in recent memory. The garage is run by Dustin Kott, the kind of effortlessly friendly guy you want to go have a beer with and talk bikes.

Dustin’s work caught the eye of Ryan, who has a thing for cafe racers in particular, so the two men met and Dustin took delivery of Ryan’s stock and the build began.

As with almost all of the builds to roll out of Kott Moto, the Triumph Thruxton was destined to be stripped back and have anything non-essential removed. The central airbox unit was discarded and replaced with a pair of matching velocity stacks, a new fuel tank, seat and cowling were fitted and a tasteful leather seat was created bespoke.

A pair of were added front and back, adding significantly to the Thruxton’s grip levels. A pair of clip-ons were then added with a smaller low profile headlight, a pair of adjustable Hagon shocks were added in the rear and they also removed the cover from the final drive to expose the sprocket – a subtle touch that looks fantastic.

The film above by director shows the bike and includes an interesting conversation with Reynolds about his history with motorcycles and his personal philosophy on it – something that’ll likely strike a chord with any rider. If you’d like to see more builds from Kott Moto you can .

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Ryan Reynolds' Triumph Thruxton Cafe Racer

Ryan Reynolds' Triumph Thruxton

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