The Cryptic Knives Friction Folder is a pocket-sized folding knife by Wytse Keeboom in the Netherlands. Each is made by hand from tough DIN 100 MnCrW4 tool steel from Sheffield, England and no two blades are exactly the same.

Both the blade and handle are stainless steel, with phosphor bronze washers, a hidden detent spring, a blade length of 1.7 inches and a closed length of 3.4 inches.

The knife is ideally suited as an EDC item for places where knives over 3 inches or locking blades aren’t allowed – and it’ll make short work of opening your Amazon packages, sharpening your pencils, opening your letters, and if you happen to find yourself out in the wilderness, it’ll be the difference between a stick and a nice pointy spear.

Cryptic Knives Friction Folding Knife 740x740 - Cryptic Knives Friction Folder

Cryptic Knives Friction Folder Knife 740x740 - Cryptic Knives Friction Folder