1925 Stanley Steamer

Stanley Steamer 13 450x330 - 1925 Stanley Steamer

The Stanley Steamer is the colloquial name given to the steam powered automobiles produced by Stanley Motor Carriage Company between 1902 and 1924, the Steamers eventually lost out to gasoline powered cars due to the ease of use afforded by an internal combustion engine with an electric starter motor – but for a while there…

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A Study in Steel – Circa 1935

No. 6207 A Study in Steel 2 - A Study in Steel - Circa 1935

“No. 6207 A Study in Steel” is a 1935 documentary about the processes required to build a steam engine, it starts with bare sheet metal and shows you all the major tasks that are performed to turn those sheets into a fully functioning steam train. Anyone who has even a passing interest in vehicles or…

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The Grounding of the Princess May

Princess May Shipwreck1 450x330 - The Grounding of the Princess May

The Grounding of the Princess May is one of the most famous shipwreck photographs in the world, after she ran aground in 1910 the photographs spread around the globe with startling speed and the stories of heroism on board began to emerge from the survivors.

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