Matchless G80 TCS Typhoon – The Thumper Desert Sled

Matchless G80 TCS Typhoon

The Matchless G80 TCS Typhoon was the fastest off-road version of the G80, with the largest engine, and the highest power-rating that was available to the general public. The Creation of the G80 TCS Typhoon Interestingly the idea to create a 600cc version of the popular 500cc Matchless G80 CS (Competition Scrambles) wasn’t the idea of…

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The Toma Customs BMW K1100 Scrambler

BMW K1100 Scrambler Seat

This BMW K1100 Scrambler represents a direction that BMW would likely never have considered taking with their large capacity 4-cylinder, but luckily Thomas Jeukens of Toma Customs took it upon himself to make the bike a reality. The BMW K1100 The BMW K1100 was one of the largest iterations of the famous German flying brick,…

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Droog Moto Custom Yamaha FZ-09 – The MOTO 3

Custom Yamaha FZ-09 Motorcycle

The Yamaha FZ-09 The Yamaha FZ-09 is an inline three cylinder motorcycle designed to compete squarely against the popular Triumph Street Triple. Although multi-cylinder engines with an odd number of cylinders are less common, the three cylinder configuration makes a lot of sense for motorcycle use as it’s smoother running than a parallel twin, and…

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1962 BSA Rocket Gold Star Scrambler

BSA A10 Rocket Gold Star 450x330 - 1962 BSA Rocket Gold Star Scrambler

The BSA Rocket Gold Star was one of the best performing motorcycles in the world when it was introduced – and funnily enough it wasn’t actually invented by the engineers at BSA. The early 1960s were a tumultuous time in the British motorcycle industry, with many of the large marques taking a step forward with their engineering –…

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Vintage Steele Yamaha XS650

Vintage Steele Yamaha XS650 450x330 - Vintage Steele Yamaha XS650

Vintage Steele is a Vermont-based custom motorcycle workshop with a small team of dedicated wrenchers who have made a name for themselves over the past few years by building practical, daily-rideable custom motorcycles. The Yamaha XS650 The Yamaha XS650 was first introduced in 1968 and stayed in production in one form or another until 1985…

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