1956 BSA Gold Star

BSA Gold Star

The BSA Gold Star The BSA Gold Star was one of the most dominant motorcycles of its time, it raced not only on the asphalt, but on hillsides, flat tracks, beaches, California deserts, and even on small Pacific islands. At its core the Gold Star was a simple machine, but this is likely what gave…

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Freedom Machines V2 by Tim Caraco

Dog on Motorcycle

Tim Caraco has made a name for himself in recent years by capturing the zeitgeist of the 21st century chopper/bobber scene in America, Australia, and Europe. The hardcover book is 148 pages long and it includes a huge array of bespoke photography as well as the work of world class builders like Max Schaaf, Chase…

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The Redline x Honda CT90 BMX Bike by Lossa Engineering

Honda CT90 BMW Bike

This post was written by Jay LaRossa of Lossa Engineering – when possible we like to bring you the story of a build in the words of the person who built it, to cut out the middle man and give you unfiltered insight into their thought process and methods. A while ago I was talking to my buddy…

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Harley-Davidson’s First Purpose-Built V-Twin Racer – The Harley-Davidson 11K

Harley-Davidson Board Track Racer

The Harley-Davidson 11K was the American company’s first purpose-built V-twin racer – it was developed by Bill Ottoway, an early engineering genius who had been poached from Harley-Davidson’s rivals over at Thor. Harley-Davidson 11K Board Track Racer Although Harley-Davidson motorcycles had been used in competition previously, including a first race win in 1904 at The Milwaukee Mile with the…

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Scramble – A 1981 Motocross Film By Syd Pearman

Scramble - A 1981 Motocross Film By Syd Pearman

“Scramble” is a 1981 film about British motocross by talented amateur filmmaker Syd Pearman. The film offers a fantastic look into the world of weekend warrior motocross riders, including a personal favorite who arrives with his Suzuki loaded on its side in the back of his hatchback. There’s a good amount of racing footage despite…

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