Documentary: Go Grandriders – 17 Riders Aged 80+ On A 1,178km Road Trip

Go Grandriders Movie Poster

Go Grandriders is a documentary that follows a group of larger-than-life motorcyclists in their 80s as they ride around the island of Taiwan, covering an impressive 1178 kilometres in 13 days. This film was the highest grossing documentary of all time in both Taiwan and Hong Kong, and it even enjoyed a limited U.S. theatrical release –…

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Rare Factory-Built Special – The MV Agusta Mini Bike Racing

MV Agusta Mini Bike

This MV Agusta Mini Bike Racing was an official model offered by the Italian motorcycle manufacturer in the mid-1970s. As the story goes, a one-off special was made for Phil Read’s son in 1973 to celebrate his 500cc World Championship victory riding for MV Agusta. The mini bike was intended as a miniature replica of…

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A Custom BMW R1100GS Scrambler by Red Hot Chili Customs

Custom BMW R1100 GS 4

This custom BMW R1100GS is the work of one of Poland’s pre-eminent custom motorcycle garages – Red Hot Chili Customs. The donor bike was bought from its former owner in Switzerland before being transported to Poland for a rebuild into a custom scrambler with genuine off-road ability thanks to its GS origins. Red Hot Chili…

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The Incredible New XTR Pepo Custom Ducati Monster

Custom Ducati Monster 7

This custom Ducati Monster from the workshop of XTR Pepo is so wildly different to the bike it started out as it’s almost unrecognisable. Pepo Rosell has become a very well-known in the global custom motorcycle community for his work with Ducatis – he does work on other makes too of course, but Ducatis have…

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First Ride: A Motorcycle Film

First Ride - A Motorcycle Film

We damn near had no film. The sinking sun gave us a hard out of around 6:10 pm and my watch read 5:30. Months of planning, a lot of money and the sliver of a reputation I had nearly joined the disappearing daylight.

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The Bimota DB1 SR – A Double-Barrelled Italian Superbike

Bimota DB1 SR

The Bimota DB1 was the first Ducati-engined bike from Bimota, it was originally developed as a joint project between the two companies overseen by Dr. Frederico Martini – a former Ducati engineer – but things soured before the project was completed, and the bike was very nearly never built. The Bimota DB1 The Bimota DB1 is…

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