First Ride: A Motorcycle Film

First Ride - A Motorcycle Film

We damn near had no film. The sinking sun gave us a hard out of around 6:10 pm and my watch read 5:30. Months of planning, a lot of money and the sliver of a reputation I had nearly joined the disappearing daylight.

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Steve McQueen’s Own Personal Husqvarna 250 Cross

Husqvarna 250 Cross Fender

The Husqvarna 250 Cross is a motorcycle that sits high on any list of genuinely influential 20th century bikes – it wasn’t the first offroad racing two-stroke motorcycle, but it quickly became the most successful of its age, and the basic formula that went into it would shape almost all motocross motorcycles going forwards. The…

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Hodaka Motocross Jersey

Hodaka Motocross Jersey Main

Hodaka is a name unfamiliar to many in the motorcycling world, it was a joint Japanese and American company that specialised in building lightweight two-stroke motorcycles – many of which were designed for off-road use. The company is widely credited with helping to popularize trail bikes in the United States, they build a range of…

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Husqvarna Model 30 A – Privateer Dirt Track Racer

Husqvarna Model 30 A Motorcycle JAP Engine

This Husqvarna Model 30 A is a custom motorcycle of sorts – it was built by a privateer racer before Husqvarna offered their own factory-built version – the Model 350DT (DT for “dirt track”). The 1920s and ’30s were an important, formative time for dirt track racing – also called flat track, circle track, and…

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Dennis Hopper’s Original Husqvarna 250 Cross

Husqvarna 250 Cross Tank

This is Dennis Hopper’s original 1970 Husqvarna 250 Cross, he bought it brand new just a year after the cinematic release of Easy Rider, one of his most famous works which he had co-directed with Peter Fonda and co-written with both Peter Fonda and Terry Southern. Dennis Hopper – Counterculture Hero and Hollywood Icon Hopper is remembered…

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Peter Fonda’s 1968 Bultaco Pursang From “Easy Rider”

Bultaco Pursang Front

The Bultaco Pursang was one of the most successful two-stroke motocross bikes of its era, taking on some of the biggest motorcycle marques and regularly trouncing them while hardly breaking a sweat. A Brief History of Bultaco Before he died Paco Bultó requested that he be laid to rest in a Bultaco shirt with his moustache…

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Scramble – A 1981 Motocross Film By Syd Pearman

Scramble - A 1981 Motocross Film By Syd Pearman

“Scramble” is a 1981 film about British motocross by talented amateur filmmaker Syd Pearman. The film offers a fantastic look into the world of weekend warrior motocross riders, including a personal favorite who arrives with his Suzuki loaded on its side in the back of his hatchback. There’s a good amount of racing footage despite…

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Rickman Motocross Jersey by Reign VMX

Rickman Jersey

The Rickman Motocross Jersey by Reign VMX is a classically styled racing jersey is made from a modern micro-birdseye vented, moisture wicking polyester fabric to keep you cool on warmer days. It includes the period-correct padded elbows, a drop-tail cut in the back to keep your jersey tucked in, and a wide cuff design that…

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