Captain Malcolm Campbell’s WWI-Era Silver Cigarette Case

Captain Malcolm Campbell's WWI Silver Cigarette Case

Captain Malcolm Campbell, who would later become Sir Malcolm Campbell, had a genuinely fascinating life that included being a racing driver at Brooklands, a war time despatch motorcycle rider and pilot, a multiple time land speed record holder, and the man tasked with taking the royal family into hiding if the Nazis invaded Britain. Sir Malcolm…

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Documentary – War Stories – The Despatch Rider and The Wren

War Stories - The Despatch Rider and The Wren

The Despatch Rider and The Wren is part of the British War Stories series, this episode focusses on husband and wife John and Margaret Gordon. During the Second World War John started out serving in the anti-aircraft artillery before becoming a despatch rider. Motorcycle despatch riders had one of the most dangerous jobs during both WWI and WWII,…

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Spitfire Pen – Made From An Original Spitfire Propeller

The Spitfire Pen is a creation of the Hordern Richmond Aircraft Company, they’ve been in business since 1937 when the company was founded by Frederick Gordon-Lennox (the 9th Duke of Richmond) and Edmund Hordern. During WWII they built many of the propellers for British fighters and bombers, as well as the Hordern Richmond Autoplane. In…

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MWC Dive Watch

MWC is a Swiss company founded in the 1970s that designs and builds watches for military units around the world, as well as police forces, anti-terrorist units, mining companies, specialist marine security units, shipping and salvage organizations, and a wide variety of government agencies and departments. Each MWC watch is made with three criteria in…

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