Documentary: The Red Grifo – A Must-Watch Film

The Red Grifo Film

The Red Grifo is a remarkable 20 minute long documentary about the incredibly rare and much-loved Iso Grifo, an Italian sports GT car that first appeared in the 1960s. The Grifo is perhaps best known for its DNA, it was developed by Giotto Bizzarrini the godfather of the Ferrari 250 GTO, it was designed by…

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Documentary: Go Grandriders – 17 Riders Aged 80+ On A 1,178km Road Trip

Go Grandriders Movie Poster

Go Grandriders is a documentary that follows a group of larger-than-life motorcyclists in their 80s as they ride around the island of Taiwan, covering an impressive 1178 kilometres in 13 days. This film was the highest grossing documentary of all time in both Taiwan and Hong Kong, and it even enjoyed a limited U.S. theatrical release –…

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De-Classified CIA Training Film: Car Surveillance

De-Classified CIA Training Film Car Surveillance

This formerly classified CIA training film covers techniques used to surveil cars using multiple vehicle-based teams communicating by radio. The quality of the film’s production came as a bit of a surprise, the camera work is excellent but perhaps most surprisingly the soundtrack includes both the Shaft theme song and the Star Trek theme song….

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On Any Sunday Cap by Iron & Resin

On Any Sunday Cap

This On Any Sunday cap by Iron & Resin is a celebration of the work of documentary filmmaker Bruce Brown, the man behind Slippery When Wet, Surf Crazy, Surfing Hollow Days, The Endless Summer, and of course, On Any Sunday. Bruce was instrumental in getting entire generations of people into both motorcycles and surfing, and…

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Dynamics Of A Crash – A 1970s Film About Crash Testing

Dynamics Of A Crash

Dynamics Of A Crash is a ’70s film from Chrysler Corporation about car crashes and passenger safety, all cars were fitted with seatbelts in the USA from 1968 onwards as per Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 208, however seatbelt wearing wouldn’t become mandatory until the mid-1980s in most US states. There was a significant resistance…

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First Ride: A Motorcycle Film

First Ride - A Motorcycle Film

We damn near had no film. The sinking sun gave us a hard out of around 6:10 pm and my watch read 5:30. Months of planning, a lot of money and the sliver of a reputation I had nearly joined the disappearing daylight.

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Devil Drivers – A Rare Pre-WWII 16mm Racing Documentary

Early Formula 1 Grand Prix

A Note of Warning: Near the end of this film there are a few racing accidents that likely resulted in the death or serious injury of the drivers involved. If there’s a possibility you’ll find that troubling please consider not watching the film. Devil Drivers is a pre-WWII racing documentary that was likely filmed in…

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Documentary: A Trip Through The River Rouge Plant

A Trip Through The River Rouge Plant

This feature documentary titled Trip Through The River Rouge Plant offers a fascinating insight into the world famous Ford factory in Dearborn, Michigan. At the time of its construction the River Rouge Plant was the single largest factory in the world, it was intended for automobile production however the first vehicles produced there were actually Eagle-class…

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Short Film: The Cop Hunter

The Cop Hunter Film

This film is the first in a series of showcases that BarkaSiedlce will be doing on filmmakers from around the world whose films include automotive or motorcycle elements. If you’re a filmmaker and you’d like to have your work featured please get in touch via the Contact Us page. Film Description Part observation, part memory, The Cop Hunter…

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