The Incredible New XTR Pepo Custom Ducati Monster

Custom Ducati Monster 7

This custom Ducati Monster from the workshop of XTR Pepo is so wildly different to the bike it started out as it’s almost unrecognisable. Pepo Rosell has become a very well-known in the global custom motorcycle community for his work with Ducatis – he does work on other makes too of course, but Ducatis have…

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Ducati 900 Mike Hailwood Replica – The Mighty MHR

Ducati 900 Mike Hailwood Replica Front

The Ducati 900 Mike Hailwood Replica was the best-selling Ducati of its time, both because of its sporting abilities and its close association with Mike “The Bike” Hailwood who had ridden a Ducati 900SS to a hugely popular comeback win at the 1978 Isle of Man TT in the Formula I class. Mike Hailwood –…

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The Jett Design x Motorelic Ducati 749 Custom Racer

Ducati 749 Custom 4

The Ducati 749 and its larger sibling were designed by Pierre Terblanche, a name treated with universal and much deserved reverence in the motorcycling community. The Ducati 749 Though a globally respected marque, Ducati didn’t have the development budgets of the big four Japanese motorcycle companies back in the early 2000s. This meant they had…

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The First Ducati Production L-Twin – The Ducati 750 GT

The Ducati 750 GT was the Italian company’s first road-going V-twin, though of course they prefer the term L-twin as it better describes the 90 degree angle between the cylinders, and it separates them from the engines built by the likes of Harley-Davidson. The Ducati 750 GT The 750 GT was penned by the now-legendary…

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1974 Ducati 450 Desmo MK 3

This article was written by the talented team at Ellaspede. Often the case with stock motorcycles, the best examples of each are usually those released in the final year of the model’s run. John’s 1974 Ducati 450 Desmo Mk 3 is one such example. With the superb 450 Desmo single engine, classic Italian looks and…

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Walt Siegl L’Avventura

The L’Avventura by Walt Siegl Moto is a new low-volume production bike, designed from the ground up to be highly competent both on and off the asphalt. With a kerb weight of 345 lbs, a tuned 1100cc Ducati L-twin, and state-of-the-art suspension, the L’Avventura is more than capable of wiping the floor with many high-end production…

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