Retrofuture: A BMW R80 RT Cafe Racer by Moto Adonis

BMW R80 Cafe Racer Overhead

The modern concept of the cafe racer has evolved significantly since the genre was first created by the Brits in 1950s London. The first cafe racers were simply stripped-down production motorcycles with hopped up engines. They were typically fitted with clip-on handlebars, a single seat, knee-indents in the fuel tank, and no superfluous parts –…

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The Toma Customs BMW K1100 Scrambler

BMW K1100 Scrambler Seat

This BMW K1100 Scrambler represents a direction that BMW would likely never have considered taking with their large capacity 4-cylinder, but luckily Thomas Jeukens of Toma Customs took it upon himself to make the bike a reality. The BMW K1100 The BMW K1100 was one of the largest iterations of the famous German flying brick,…

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The Jett Design x Motorelic Ducati 749 Custom Racer

Ducati 749 Custom 4

The Ducati 749 and its larger sibling were designed by Pierre Terblanche, a name treated with universal and much deserved reverence in the motorcycling community. The Ducati 749 Though a globally respected marque, Ducati didn’t have the development budgets of the big four Japanese motorcycle companies back in the early 2000s. This meant they had…

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