Gilera 106SS

Gilera 106SS 450x330 - Gilera 106SS

Although Gilera is perhaps more famous nowadays for producing small-capacity scooters, there was a time when they took the fight to the greatest racing motorcycle manufacturers in the world and won. The company claimed the 500cc World Championship in 1950, 1952, 1953, 1954, 1955, 1957 as well as 1st and 2nd place at the 1955 Isle…

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Harley-Davidson Dyna Custom

Harley Davidson Dyna Cafe Racer 450x330 - Harley-Davidson Dyna Custom

We don’t see all that many Harley-Davidson Dyna-based customs. In fact I don’t think I’ve ever seen one quite like this, the Sportster is by far the most common platform for customisation when it comes to American motorcycles – especially American motorcycles from Milwaukee. This bike started life as a 2000 Harley-Davidson Dyna Super Glide before…

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Ryan Reynolds’ Triumph Thruxton

Ryan Reynolds Triumph Thruxton Cafe Racer 450x330 - Ryan Reynolds' Triumph Thruxton

Ryan Reynolds is an actor who needs no introduction, in fact as I type this his latest film Deadpool has already broken the box-office record for an R-Rated film, it’s also the highest grossing film of 2016 so far with almost $300 million in earnings at the time of writing (February 16, 2016). What you…

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Honda CB900F Bol d’Or

scott67537.ret3  450x330 - Honda CB900F Bol d’Or

The Honda CB900F Bol d’Or was essentially the next step up from the venerable and staggeringly successful CB750, a motorcycle that had almost single-handedly launched the high-performance, large capacity Japanese superbike on the world in 1969. Although it’s almost sacrilege in many circles to speak ill of the CB750 it did have one major caveat….

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Honda CB550 by Lossa Engineering

Honda CB550 8 450x330 - Honda CB550 by Lossa Engineering

The Honda CB550 is a motorcycle that sits in the shadow of its larger sibling, the Honda CB750. Anyone who’s ridden both models will tell you that the CB550 feels quite different, and in stock trim the smaller engined bike tends to handle better – although the fact that I’ve just said that means I’m…

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Worth Motorcycle Company BMW R60

BMW R60 3 450x330 - Worth Motorcycle Company BMW R60

The Worth Motorcycle Company is a nonprofit organisation based in New York that teaches at-risk youth the art and engineering of vintage motorcycle restoration. Each student works their way through a 48-52 week course working with major icons in the vintage motorcycle world like Kenny Cummings of NYC Norton. The BMW R60 you see here…

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Moto Guzzi 1100 Sport by Moto Studio

Moto Guzzi 1100 Sport 450x330 - Moto Guzzi 1100 Sport by Moto Studio

The Moto Guzzi 1100 Sport is one of those wonderful motorcycles that suffers from one major problem – it’s a little on the porky side. With a wet weight well into the 500 lb range the Guzzi was challenging to ride, although those who have mastered it tend to consider it one of the best…

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Kawasaki KZ200 by Gasoline Motor Co.

Kawasaki KZ200 6 450x330 - Kawasaki KZ200 by Gasoline Motor Co.

When it was introduced in 1977, the Kawasaki KZ200 was one of the largest capacity motorcycles for sale in Indonesia, and it quickly garnered a reputation for being the fastest motorcycle money could buy. This stands in stark contrast to how many in the West view motorcycles in the sub-250cc category, where they’re often seen…

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Yamaha XJ900R Seca by Hageman MC

Yamaha XJ900 Seca 3 450x330 - Yamaha XJ900R Seca by Hageman MC

The Yamaha XJ900R Seca is a bit of a unicorn in the USA, it was only imported by Yamaha for one year in 1983, before its relatively low sales numbers forced the Japanese manufacturer to pull it from the market. There were a few reasons for the dismal sales, Yamaha was competing directly with the…

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BMW R nineT by JANE Moto

BMW R nineT Motorcycle 8 450x330 - BMW R nineT by JANE Moto

JANE Moto is the brainchild of Adam Kallen and Alex DiMattio, the men have been friends for years and they share a passion for motorcycles, coffee and good menswear. They started the cafe/store/garage in 2013 and it’s quickly become one of Brooklyn’s most popular stores, they count Bill Murray and David Beckham amongst their clientele,…

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Cafe Racers: Speed, Style, and Ton-Up Culture

Cafe Racers Speed Style and Ton Up Culture 450x330 - Cafe Racers: Speed, Style, and Ton-Up Culture

Cafe Racers: Speed, Style, and Ton-Up Culture is a book by motorcycling icon Paul d’Orleans – as the name suggests it offers a detailed look into the history of the cafe racer, all accompanied by stunning photography by Michael Lichter. In recent years the cafe racer has enjoyed a renaissance of sorts, with custom motorcycle builders the…

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Triton by The GasBox

Triton Motorcycle 10 450x330 - Triton by The GasBox

In some respects, the Triton is the two wheeled equivalent of the Chimaera from ancient Greek mythology. It was a custom motorcycle built from a Triumph engine, a Norton Featherbed frame and often suspension, brakes and other parts from other marques. In the early days of the café racer, the Triton was the king of the…

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