Dynamics Of A Crash – A 1970s Film About Crash Testing

Dynamics Of A Crash

Dynamics Of A Crash is a ’70s film from Chrysler Corporation about car crashes and passenger safety, all cars were fitted with seatbelts in the USA from 1968 onwards as per Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 208, however seatbelt wearing wouldn’t become mandatory until the mid-1980s in most US states. There was a significant resistance…

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Leather Tool Roll by Kruk Garage – Handmade In Europe

Leather Tool Roll Kruk Garage

This leather tool roll by Kruk Garage is handmade by craftsmen in Europe using the best materials available, it’ll work equally well for cars and motorcycles, and thanks to its size you should have no trouble finding somewhere to store it. The tool roll has space for up to 18 wrenches and other tools, there’s…

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First Ride: A Motorcycle Film

First Ride - A Motorcycle Film

We damn near had no film. The sinking sun gave us a hard out of around 6:10 pm and my watch read 5:30. Months of planning, a lot of money and the sliver of a reputation I had nearly joined the disappearing daylight.

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The Nexx XG200 Offroad Desert Race Helmet – Classic Looks, Modern Safety

Nexx XG200 Offroad Desert Race Helmet

The Nexx XG200 Offroad Desert Race Helmet is a classically-styled dual-sport motorcycle helmet made with modern materials, allowing it to pass the DOT (USA), ECE 22.05 (Europe), and NBR-7471:2001 (Brazil) helmet safety certification standards. The larger face port of dual-sport, motocross, and off-road motorcycle helmets makes them popular with urban riders too due to the…

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Rare Bird London Anti-Pollution Motorcycle Masks

Rare Bird Anti-Pollution Motorcycle Masks 16

This series of anti-pollution masks from Rare Bird London were developed to both look good, and provide a UK Ministry of Defence military-grade air filter that can be worn everyday. The user-replaceable filter is a 100% pure activated carbon cloth with sub-micron filtration capability to block out particles down to the 2.5 micron size range….

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The Brütsch Mopetta – A Rare And Unusual German Microcar

Brütsch Mopetta

The Brütsch Mopetta is one of the most beloved microcars from the era of the tiny, petrol-friendly, post-WWII runabouts. The fame of the Mopetta far outweighs its actual production numbers, just 14 were built and some estimates suggest only 5 survived to the modern day. The Brütsch Mopetta It’s almost certain that the popularity of the little…

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The Bimota DB1 SR – A Double-Barrelled Italian Superbike

Bimota DB1 SR

The Bimota DB1 was the first Ducati-engined bike from Bimota, it was originally developed as a joint project between the two companies overseen by Dr. Frederico Martini – a former Ducati engineer – but things soured before the project was completed, and the bike was very nearly never built. The Bimota DB1 The Bimota DB1 is…

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